East Midlands Railway launches ‘Big dreams begin on the train’ multichannel campaign

East Midlands Railway has launched a major new campaign ‘Big dreams begin on the train’ to remind customers to continue using East Midlands Railway as their preferred method of transport to travel to London. The push was developed in partnership with creative agency, Atomic London. It will run across TV, VOD, digital, social, cinema and radio.

Acknowledging the impact of recent train strikes, the ad seeks to rebuild trust and a sense of reliability using the brand character Miles.The ad, directed by Brad Lubin and produced by Sam George and Tim Marshall at Another Film Company, depicts Miles dreaming of where his journey to London will take him on his quest for love. The story highlights the benefits of train travel by personifying the beauty and comfort of EMR trains, that encourage you into this dream-like state.

“Since we have introduced Miles as our brand character, we have seen great success, with him becoming a recognisable and likeable face of our brand to all our EMR staff and customers,” said Jenna Cowie, Head of Revenue & Marketing at East Midlands Railway. “This year, we wanted to push Miles further and explore how to build his storyline into something more emotional and memorable for our customers. The Atomic team have certainly delivered, and we are excited to show the EMR staff and customers more of Miles.”