easyJet Adopts Jumio Payment Card Scanning Technology

Budget airline easyJet has taken another step into mobile commerce by adopting another solution from mobile authentication provider Jumio.

The companies have announced that easyJets app now offers Jumios BAM Checkout product, which allows passengers to scan their credit card using the camera on their mobile device to automatically fill out payment forms.

The move follows easyJets 2014 adoption of Fastfill – Jumios ID scanning technology that allows passengers to scan their passport on their mobile to aid the mobile check-in process.

James Millett, head of digital at easyJet says: “After the hugely positive feedback we got from our new check-in process, the next step was to bring Jumio’s scanning technology into the booking process. In the two weeks since its launch, we have already seen a huge uptake by customers and, again, are enjoying great feedback.”

According to the company, those two weeks have seen 30,425 payment card scans – and some days are showing half of all transactions enabled by the scanner.

easyJet also says that in the first six months of Fastfills adoption, 160,000 customers have used the passport scanning functionality.

Catherine Hickey, EMEA VP Sales at Jumio, says: “Jumio offers airlines a simple way to put a smile on their passengers’ faces by saving them valuable time at each and every stage of their booking. Working with easyJet, a driving force for airline innovation for over 20 years, is something we are delighted to be part of.”