eBay Mobile Hits 1m Listings Per Week

More than 1m eBay listings are made on mobiles every week, according to the online marketplace company. 

eBay says that people are taking advantage of the speed at which auctions can be set up via smartphones. 

The company says that listing an item for sale on a smartphone takes 38 seconds, compared to 20 minutes on the desktop. The eBay iPhone app allows users to take photos of items and post straight to the auction site.

The announcement shows eBay continuing to get behind mobile, having recently released a Mobile Manifesto urging government to support mobile commerce. eBay also raised its global mCommerce forecast, predicting that it will generate almost $5bn in sales volume in 2011 – $1bn more than the $4bn prediction made earlier this year.

eBay says that more than 20m people have now downloaded the core iPhone eBay app, and 300,000 shoppers made their first purchase on eBay between January and May 2011.