eBays StubHub Launches Interactive Mobile Seat Maps

eBay owned ticketing company StubHub is launching interactive venue maps for its iOS and Android apps, as well as the mobile web. The feature will enable users to look at tickets by section, see the range of prices, and view photos of sight lines from their seat.

The service will be rolled out gradually, starting with StubHubs web apps, specfically for users looking to buy tickets to NFL games. They will then become available across all of StubHubs mobile offering, for all types of events.

“This is long overdue, and we’re excited to be extending the same great StubHub experience our customers have grown accustomed to on their computers, to their mobile devices” said Ray Elias, CMO at StubHub. “We have millions of StubHub buyers sorting through thousands of ticket listings on their mobile devices, and that can be pretty cumbersome on a fraction of the real estate. Our interactive maps will dramatically improve this experience for fans.”

StubHub also recently integrated Apples Passbook into its iOS 6 app, allowing fans to store tickets in their phone and use them for entry to events.