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eBuddy Partners with Nokia

Andy Penfold

Messaging service company eBuddy is to become a preferred messaging partner for Nokia, and will launch four Nokia-related platforms for its eBuddy XMS mobile messaging solution. 

eBuddy says it will introduce eBuddy XMS for Nokia devices running Meego, S60, S40 and Windows Phone 7 devices, and will provide coverage across all of Nokia's current and future platforms.

"eBuddy's success and experience in the mobile messaging field have made this partnership a natural step for Nokia," says Reno Marioni, business development director of global social partnerships at Nokia. "We are excited about the introduction of eBuddy XMS to Nokia platforms and look forward to having Nokia users enjoy the reliable and rich messaging experience that eBuddy XMS provides."

eBuddy says it has recently surpassed 20m downloads on the Nokia Store, and has achieved 150m downloads of its apps to date. 

"We're delighted to have eBuddy XMS soon available to all Nokia users," says Jan-Joost Rueb, CEO and co-founder of eBuddy. "Partnering with the biggest handset manufacturer in the world reflects the strength of the eBuddy XMS proposition, and now supporting the majority of the mobile market allows us to make XMS the new norm in mobile messaging."