eCoupon Usage set to Almost Double by 2017

Tim Maytom

Mobile Coupon on ScreenThe number of eCoupons redeemed will nearly double over the next three years, rising from 16bn this year to over 31bn in 2019, a report predicts.

The report, by Juniper Research, claims that redemptions will largely be driven by mobile coupons, with print-at-home coupons growing much slower compared to in-store, barcode based redemptions and online redemptions.

The report also suggested that consumer behaviour is evolving to increasingly use eCouponing, with many shoppers searching for online or mobile coupons prior to purchasing, either on the internet or in-store. There have been sharp rises in visits to the couponing sections of retailer websites, as well as aggregator sites such as VoucherCloud.

Despite a push towards context-driven offers by retailers, consumers are increasingly storing coupons on-device for later use, often utilising wallet apps such as Passbook, Samsung Wallet or Google Wallet. However, the research still showed using consumer purchase patterns that, if deployed correctly, coupon campaigns can result in an increase in customer lifetime value.

"Coupons should offer discounts on products that a consumer might be interested in purchasing, rather than those purchased on a regular basis," said report author Dr Windsor Holden. "Otherwise, coupon redemption represents a loss to the brand or retailer."