EDF Adds Netatmo Smart Thermostat to HeatSmart Programme

Netatmo smart thermoSmart thermostat maker Netatmo has signed an agreement with energy company EDF Energy which will see Netatmo’s Thermostat made available as part of EDF’s HeatSmart programme.

Designed by Philippe Starck, the Netatmo Thermostat for Smartphone is specifically created for the European market. It helps users monitor and control household heating remotely from their smartphone, tablet or PC and provides easy-to-use tools to manage their energy consumption.

Using the Netatmpo app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and PC, consumers can get a direct insight into their heating energy use in real time and through historical data to help them better understand how to maximise energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

Users receive a Monthly Energy Report with a detailed breakdown of their household’s energy consumption, including personalised recommendations on how to optimise heating for the following month.

The Netatmo Thermostat is wireless and so can be placed anywhere in the house. It is compatible with the majority of heating systems used in the UK, including gas, fuel, wood installations and heating pumps. The Thermostat is also supported by an online tool to allow users to verify compatibility of their heating installation.

Netatmo’s Thermostat is available through EDF Energy for £199 including installation, as part of EDF’s HeatSmart programme