Education Network Renews PageOne Contract

JANET(UK), the UKs education and research network, has selected PageOne Communications to provide its JANET txt service for a further four years. PageOne, which provides mobile messaging solutions to the education, public and enterprise sectors, says that it was chosen due to its commercial pedigree, financial credibility and its commitment to data and information security through its ISO27001 accreditation. It adds that its resilient infrastructure and high levels of technical and customer support were also key considerations.
Under the new contract, educational establishments will benefit from a new low message rate of 4p per message, in addition to a free upgrade to their standard accounts. The upgrade includes improved reporting, a diary function, and support for extended messaging types, such as voice broadcast capability, fax and intra-account messaging.
We are delighted to be working with PageOne for a further four years, says JANET(UK) spokesman Tim Marshall. The success of JANET txt is a further demonstration of the value that JANET(UK) delivers by aggregating demand from the education and research communities. PageOnes commitment to further improving the JANET txt product, at such a competitive price, reiterated to us that PageOne is the ideal supplier to exclusively deliver our JANET txt service comments
Theres more information on the JANET txt service here.