EE boss insists customers are ‘not sentimental’ about losing the BT name

EE boss Marc Allera has revealed customers are “not sentimental” about losing the BT brand following its £12.5 billion acquisition.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Allegra said: “We’re effectively rebranding a national institution.

“Most are aware of the changes and they understand it” claiming the telecoms business has not “seen much resistance”.

As a result of the acquisition, EE will now be replacing the BT brand for landline and internet services after 30 years, with the BT logo no longer appearing on bills, phones, wifi home hubs and TV boxes.

Instead, the EE imprint will now be appearing on these devices.

However, these are not the only changes in Allera’s strategy, which he admits “took a bit longer” than he liked due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

His strategy includes recruiting new customers by launching EE ID, an online account anyone can set up despite not having a phone or internet contract with the company, which will allow customers to streamline multiple subscriptions to companies such as Netflix via a single paid account.

“I want EE to be one of the most important brands and when people see our app on their smartphone, they will want to come back every day and every week to buy products and services from us,” Allera added.

“Customers tell us they have so many apps and subscriptions they don’t know where to put them. They have devices in their homes that they can’t find or don’t know if they’re connected. We can play a really good role in helping them navigate all that.”