EE Brings 4G-Powered Wi-fi to Black Cabs

EE has fitted out 50 black cabs in London and Birmingham with 4G connectivity.

Each of the taxis will have a MiFi wireless router on-board connected to EEs 4G network, providing a mobile hotspot for passengers. It will be easy to pick out which cabs have the connectivity, as the hallmark black paintjob has been replaced with turquoise, and the brands logos.

With the service available for the next three months, the idea seems to be showing off the benefits of a high-speed 4G connection while EE is still the only UK operator able to offer it.

“The first motorised black cabs hit the streets in 1901, nearly 70 years before the first smartphone was available to consumers,” said Spencer McHugh, EEs director of brand. “Now we are bringing this icon of British transport into the 21st century with a 4G makeover. We hope this trial will demonstrate the benefits of a superior online experience as users can browse, download, catch up on emails, tweet and check Facebook literally at the speed of light.”