EE brings new 5G trial sites to London

EE 5G Mast St PaulsEE has setup 5G trial sites in nine locations in London as it seeks to be the first mobile network provider in the UK to offer 5G commercially in the coming years.  

The BT-owned network has launched trial sites in East London which cover Provost Street, City Road, Central Street, Old Street, Cheapside, St Paul’s, Finsbury Circus Garden, Clerkenwell Street, and Bartholomew Square.

In these areas, businesses and consumers are being invited to join the trial, where EE will first use 5G as an alternative to fixed broadband.

“Deploying this brand-new layer of our EE mobile network is far from straightforward, and this trial has helped us to understand – and learn how to overcome – the significant challenges that we’ll face in the coming years,” said Howard Watson, CTIO at BT. “We’re also learning about the coverage we can achieve with 5G New Radio on our new 3.4GHz spectrum, both indoors and in densely cluttered streets.”

In addition to the nine new East London site, EE is also trialling live 5G in Canary Wharf and a new device functionality at its Borehamwood test lab.

EE says it aims to be the UK’s first mobile network to offer 5G to consumers and businesses – with the 5G network being launched in 2019 in the busiest parts of the UK’s busiest cities.