EE Marketing MD: ‘BT’s transformation journey involved not just rebranding but redefining our business’

The Managing Director of Marketing at EE and BT Consumer Brands, Christian Thrane has revealed that the rebranding of BT was more than just a cosmetic change, rather it was a comprehensive redefinition of the business.

In 2016, BT Group acquired EE for £12.5 billion, a move approved by the Competition and Markets Authority, which determined it would not significantly reduce competition.

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However, recently, EE announced it will be replacing the BT brand for landline and internet services after 30 years, with the BT logo no longer appearing on bills, phones, wifi home hubs and TV boxes.

Instead, the EE imprint will now be appearing on these devices.

Commenting on the move at the 2024 Advertising Week Europe conference in London, Thrane said: “It was a strategic move considering brand equity and target segments. This decision wasn’t easy, given the complexities involved.”

Meanwhile, he added: “Overhauling digital architecture and introducing innovative services took time but was necessary for growth.”

However, the news follows comments by EE boss Marc Allera, who said customers are “not sentimental” about losing the BT brand following its acquisition.

He said: “We’re effectively rebranding a national institution.

“Most are aware of the changes and they understand it” claiming the telecoms business has not “seen much resistance”.