EE Provides Glastonbury With Highspeed Herd for 2014 Festival

EE Highspeed Herd and Festival-goerEE, in its capacity as the technology partner of Glastonbury Festival 2014, is installing 4G wi-fi at this years event in the form of life-size fibreglass cow statues.

The cow hotspots are modelled on Worthy Farms dairy herd and painted by Glastonburys legendary on-site artist Hank and his team, who have been decorating the Festival grounds steel drum bins since the 1980s, one of which currently resides in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

The cows will be placed at key points around the site, providing festival-goers on any mobile network to log-on using any device, and will use a bespoke 4G network installed especially for the festival.

“Staying connected has become an essential part of any festival-goers experience and we are thrilled to be back supporting Glastonbury Festival, helping to ensure those on site have the best possible experience,” said Spencer McHugh, director of brand at EE. “Worth Farms famous dairy herd are award-winning, much like our superfast 4G network, and we wanted to have some fun this year while providing a much-needed service.”

EE also provides the festival with phone charging facilities, through both a Recharge Tent and Power Bars which can be exchanged when they have run out of charge, and has developed the official app for this years festival in partnership with The Guardian.