EE Recalls Power Bars Over Fears of Explosions

EE-Power-Bar-launches-3.jpgUK network operator EE has issued a recall for its Power Bar portable batteries, which were given out for free to customers, over fears that the devices could overheat and explode. At least one person has suffered burns after their Power Bar combusted while charging at their laptop.

An initial recall by the network in the summer affected 500,000 units, and came into effect following a medical student suffering burns to their hands when their Power Bar exploded while charging from their laptop.

When the Power Bars were initially offered by EE, customers could recharge them at home using a USB connection, or return them to EE stores when they were exhausted to be exchanged for a fully charged replacement.

The expanded recall covers a further 1m copies of the device, and while the batteries were given out for free, EE is offering a £20 voucher to those who return the units to encourage people to bring in the potentially hazardous batteries.

“This is just a precaution, but we want to make sure all our customers are safe,” said an EE spokesperson. “Were asking everybody to stop using Power Bars and unplug them from their phones or tablets, and the mains. Keeping our customers safe is extremely important to us, and thats why were taking this voluntary and precautionary action.”