EE scraps all store tills with new point-of-sale tech

EE has removed all fixed tills from its stores and replaced them with new cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) technology.

Following a successful six-week trial in 15 stores, the move will allow EE employees to complete all sales, services and operational processes from a single device, instead of multiple devices for different tasks.

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This means the telecoms giant will increase efficiency and streamline customer interactions, whilst also reducing the number of devices needed in each store, it stated.

EE added the upgraded technology, powered by Aptos, will allow employees to have “more personal conversations with shoppers, while also helping to reduce any potential congestion and queues.”

As a result, the system will be rolled out to over 400 EE stores across the country.

EE Retail Director, Asif Aziz OBE, said: “We’re reinventing the role of retail in the telco industry by putting customer experience, innovation and community front and centre. Reflective of our investments in digital transformation, we are embracing store formats that blend physical and digital experiences.

“With our modern approach to bricks-and-mortar, we knew we had to rethink the in-store shopper journey and the tools that enable it. Aptos was the right POS partner to bring our vision to life. Our IT modernisation efforts have been very well-received by our guides and they are now able to spend even more time focusing on the needs of our customers.”

Aptos General Manager for EMEA and APAC, Zaki Hassan, continued: ” EE stores have transcended far beyond a traditional phone shop.

“EE’s investment in innovative experiences on the high street should be admired and applauded. If you want to see the future of retail, simply step into EE’s Studio and Experience stores. We are delighted to have Aptos’ POS being rolled out across the EE retail estate.”