ElectricPig Launches iPhone App

UK gadget website Electricpig.co.uk has launched an iPhone app. The app, designed by vertical search engine specialist Foundem, is designed to help shoppers save money and avoid bring ripped off. The Electricpig app will instantly tell shoppers if the gadget they have their heart set on can be bought cheaper elsewhere. The app also enables users to check store prices alongside online prices.
Shoppers can search for any gadget using the app, check the price and then read Electricpigs review to make sure it's worth buying.
The app has a price history feature that shows the price of a gadget over previous days and weeks. It'll instantly tell the user whether the latest price drop is as special as the store is portraying it to be. The app also offer the latest tech news, enabling users to see if a gadget they are about to buy is due to be replaced by a newer model.
It's easy to get confused when shopping for gadgets and gizmos, but the Electricpig iPhone app is designed to bring peace of mind, as well as great savings to anyone buying the latest kit, says 
Electricpig.co.uk Editor, James Holland. Foundem's price comparison technology, paired with news and reviews from Electricpig's experts, means you can be confident you're always buying the right thing, and at the right price.