Elevate your customer service across multiple touchpoints with Real-Time Video Chat

The Kaleyra team looks at the benefits of Real-Time Video Chat

Today’s customers crave on-demand communication and appreciate brands that offer real-time, meaningful interactions. Video chat customer service has emerged as an excellent tool for high-growth companies and enterprises to ensure contextual, value-driven, and empathetic communication. Implementing a secure video/audio communication channel has also become relatively easier. With Video calling APIs built on WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications), businesses can accelerate their digital timeline and quickly incorporate video communication abilities to deliver outstanding customer service that puts customers in control of when and how they want to communicate.

Why is Real-time Video an effective channel for customer service?
There’s no room for complacency in customer service, as one bad experience has the power to impact future purchase decisions and affect loyalty negatively. 95 per cent of users indicated that customer service plays a pivotal role in determining brand loyalty. Video is an effective communication channel because it provides immersive customer experiences within the branded environment. Moreover, since it is convenient for customers to connect with a real person and get prompt answers quickly, it facilitates a frictionless customer journey. 

Impersonal communication results in a subpar CX. Video communication humanizes digital interactions and helps agents build authentic customer connections. For example, real-time branded video calls help prevent fraud and build trust when onboarding or interacting with customers in the banking and financial services industry. Moreover, visual interaction in video calls helps agents easily understand the complexity of the problem and provide effective remote guidance.

Empowering customers with Video Chat
Robust video chat platforms can integrate with other business systems, such as calendar booking tools and CRMs, simplifying workflows. For example, a customer who wants to book a consultation or request a callback can pick a suitable time and schedule a call right from their video chat interface. In addition, Video chat solutions empower customers to choose when they want to chat with an agent and when they would prefer an audio or video call. Being able to switch an interaction from chat to audio and video has the potential to reduce customer dropoffs by up to 70 per cent.

Low-effort service is critical to satisfaction as customers do not want to expend energy hopping from one channel/device to another. Video chat API solutions enable customers to easily connect with agents without having to switch devices/platforms or download any external software. 

Similarly, CRM integration helps customer service teams look at past interactions to provide relevant support without customers having to repeat themselves. Moreover, since many modern businesses have a global workforce with geographically dispersed employees, integrations help teams stay aligned and connected, improving efficiency.

Benefits of Video Chat Customer Service 

Video chat offers several benefits, including the following –

1. Boost Customer Satisfaction
Video chat helps customers quickly explain complex issues, which may take longer with traditional channels such as email. 75 per cent of users said that phone interactions for issue resolution took longer than expected. With Video, agents can easily identify issues and respond promptly, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

For example, say a user who is not tech savvy has trouble locating their medical test results on the healthcare provider’s website. The customer service agent can easily guide the user through the screen share feature to navigate the website and download medical records. 

Similarly, banking customers may need help uploading KYC (Know Your Customer documents) and filling out forms. Video chat platforms help agents and customers view and work on the same document in real time. Kaleyra Video supports several collaboration features, including document upload, screen share, and In-call snapshot that minimizes delays in responses and boosts customer satisfaction. 

2. Faster Issue Resolution
In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect quick solutions, and delays in issue resolution can be a major roadblock to conversions. 73 per cent said that valuing their time is an important component of good online customer service.

Video chat customer service ensures quick issue resolution due to real-time interactions. For example, an insurance customer can quickly video call an agent, while still on site of the incident from within the provider’s app without having to switch platforms or devices. 

In addition, Video chat enables insurance companies to conduct remote vehicle inspections instead of having to make an in-person visit. This speeds up the resolution process and helps agents provide efficient and timely support.

3. Reduced Costs
Video chat helps provide immediate solutions, considerably increasing FCR (First Contact Resolution) – the percentage of service requests resolved during the first interaction. Since collaboration tools help in the easy exchange of information, agents can resolve queries in less time, minimizing the need for follow-ups. Video chat can thus result in fewer escalations, and businesses need not invest in hiring a large team to manage support requests.

Moreover, Video chat customer service results in better ART (Average Resolution Time) which is the average time it takes from the first contact to issue resolution. When ART is lower, it reduces agent workload, freeing up their time for high-impact tasks. Optimal use of resources and available infrastructure results in reduced overall customer service costs.

4. Improved Brand Experience
Brand experience influences how customers perceive your brand and their response to your marketing efforts. An outstanding experience makes a positive impact on the customer and can result in brand loyalty and advocacy. Happy customers can bring in more customers by talking to others about their delightful experiences. 

Video chat for customer service is an effective tool to build brand trust and foster long-term relationships. You can use APIs and SDKs to embed a white-label video/audio calling solution, preserving brand identity. You can customize the Video call interface with your brand logo and colors for better brand recognition. Since customers stay within the branded environment, it enables a cohesive and seamless experience. 

5. Analytics and Insights 
Tracking metrics is an effective way to keep improving your customer service. Video chat solutions support dashboards and reporting that offer strategic and actionable insights for effective customer service delivery. You can monitor metrics like time spent and assess operational efficiency.

The video call recording feature enables your business to ensure that all conversations meet your quality standards. Gathering feedback after a call helps make improvements and cater to evolving customer expectations.

A well-trained staff is critical to delivering excellent customer service. Recordings help businesses to evaluate agent performance and train them accordingly. As a result, businesses can find areas of improvement and implement strategies for better service. For example, suppose the customer service manager notices that many customers have questions about how to set payment reminders. In that case, they can add the information in the FAQ section for proactive customer support. 

6. Smooth Customer Onboarding
Effective customer onboarding ensures that your customers understand the value of your product and are educated to make the most of it. 53 per cent of customers abandon an online purchase if the answers to their questions aren’t easy to understand. A smooth onboarding process helps customers use the product to its full potential, leading to fewer dropoffs and less churn. 

Video chat helps in quality onboarding that assures the customer that they can find success with the product. Customer success is critical to retention, and video product demos help customers learn how to leverage all the product features. Especially for complex products, visually explaining the functionalities can lead to faster adoption, resulting in customer satisfaction.

With video chat, agents can easily customize the onboarding process according to customer needs. For example, if a customer is trying to implement a marketing automation tool, agents can figure out the existing tech stack and visually demonstrate how to integrate the tool for maximum productivity.

7. Enhancing Engagement
43 per cent of users have switched to digital channels in recent years due to convenience and availability. Video chat helps recreate in-person experiences digitally and makes communication feel more personal. It helps customers easily connect to a real person, which may be necessary to solve complex issues.

Moreover, video calls can help diffuse tension while interacting with dissatisfied and angry customers. Customer service agents can read body language and facial expressions and manage the escalations accordingly. The human touch is sometimes pivotal for customer service, and video chat ensures the digital customer experience is as good as an in-person experience.

How to implement Video Chat into your customer service strategy
Kaleyra’s WebRTC-based solution enables you to effortlessly add video/audio capabilities to your communication portfolio with no software or third-party installations. Seamlessly incorporate video/audio components into your digital environment with our powerful video/audio collaboration platform available for web, mobile applications, and even smart glasses. Provide a white-label, private, and secure calling solution for outstanding customer service by integrating Kaleyra’s Rest APIs and SDKs. Effectively manage your customer service team and evaluate performance with our dashboard and reports. Elevate your customer service game by helping your customers seamlessly connect with you in real time from the digital environment they are already in.

Optimize your customer service With Kaleyra Video
Kaleyra has created an optimized customer support solution that integrates Kaleyra Video with customer service platforms, customizable for individual brands, to engage your customers in real-time from existing touchpoints and schedule, track, and archive these calls with ease. The white-label solution includes: 

  • Fully responsive platform with live communication (Kaleyra Video)
  • Integration with Customer Booking Platform to schedule a consultation or request a callback
  • Dedicated customer support operator platform
  • Full suite of collaboration tools (whiteboard, screen share, file upload, and more!)
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboard with customer support metrics

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