Elliptic Labs Unveils Gesture Control for Smartphones

bad finding nemoTechnology company Elliptic Labs has revealed a new gesture-based control system for smartphones which enables mobile devices to display different content depending on the location and distance a users hand is from the device.

The technology, called Multi Layer Interaction, enables manufacturers to build more intuitive navigation experiences and quicker interactions, enhancing the most widely-used interactions with a minimum amount of effort.

The gesture recognition technology senses the entire zone above and around a mobile device, with precise distance measurement up to 50cm away made possible through ultrasound. The interaction space can be customised by device manufacturers or software developers, with an SDK for using the technology already released.

“The new Multi Layer Interaction brings users the latest advance in intuitive device interactions, said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. “Without touching the device, as your hand moves closer, different information is revealed. Its all about improving the user experience and by presenting easier ways to interact with mobile devices.

“Our new Multi Layer Interaction makes it faster to work with applications you use repeatedly during the day, such as checking messages, playing games, navigating maps, interacting with social media, and watching videos.”