Email is Most Effective for Building Mobile Opt-in Database

Vibes mobile acquistion calculatorVibes has created a Mobile Acquisition Calculator tool to help marketers understand the most effective method for acquiring new opted-in mobile users.

The mobile marketing company found that for every thousand impression delivered across any channel, 1.3 people will opt-in to receive SMS communications. Email is the most effective channel for delivering these, followed by in-store marketing, then TV, online and finally social.

Vibes believes that in-store promotion has great potential but it is not used enough. It also found that incentives or sweepstakes can offer a significant boost. “Those who used a thank you incentive or sweepstakes as part of their acquisition program saw six times more subscribers using one tactic and eight times using both,” the report said.

Vibes has spent the past six months collecting and analysing data from hundreds of its customers campaigns. From this, it has created a new metric – APM (Acquisitions per Thousand Impressions) – identifying the number of people who will opt-in to join your mobile database for every 1,000 marketing impressions you deliver.

This has been incorporated into its new Mobile Acquisition Calculator, which helps marketers identify the APM for their own business.