Data: Email marketing dominates consumer preference in the UK

Email marketing remains more popular with UK consumers than with consumers globally, new research has revealed.

According to Marigold’s 2024 Consumer Trends Index, 54% of UK consumers have made a purchase from an email in the last 12 months, compared with 50% of consumers globally.

Meanwhile, the success rate for email exceeds the rates for social media advertisements (47%), social media posts (44%), SMS/MMS messages (18%) or banner advertisements (16%).

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This comes as 58% of respondents said they are engaging less with social media for the sake of their mental health.

Some 36% added they are closing an account in the preceding year in response to posts they’ve seen and 66% distrust the advertising they see on social media.

Marigold SVP Customer Success, EMEA & APAC, Jerome Tillotson said: “Years go by and new social platforms enter the market, but email continues to be the most popular channel for driving consumer purchases.

“What the data really underlines is how critical it is to engage customers throughout their lifecycle and across every channel, conversing with them, creating individualised communications with them and, above all, being consistent with them and respectful of their data.

He added: “Selling to people clearly turns them off; building relationships is what works.”