Emoze Announces iPhone Enterprise Mail Support

Emoze, which provides mobile push email solutions, has announced support for the iPhone as part of its enterprise software platform. Emoze Enterprise Server is already available for Windows Mobile and Symbian mobile operating systems. iPhone support does not require any additional software to be downloaded to the device. IT managers do not need to compromise the organisation firewall by opening new ports or changing the active directory scheme.

Emoze notes that, according to Gartner, the iPhone has already captured 14 per cent of the global smartphone market, but adds that managing an iPhone alongside other mobile devices can prove challenging to IT managers in organisations. Now, once an iPhone is added to the Emoze Enterprise Server, the system administrator is able to control and manage the device alongside all the other handsets in the organization.

“Business today requires instant access to email, contacts, and calendar events anytime, anywhere, and smartphones have become a ‘must-have’ in most companies,” says Emoze CEO, Moshe Levy. “The iPhone offers this connectivity, along with a wealth of customization, style and support, which is the reason why more business people want the iPhone as their business device. We are proud to be tapping into this market, allowing businesses to better manage iPhones as their primary devices safely, securely and easily. Our software allows for this change and we intend to offer soon the same support for Android devices.”