emoze Comes to the Nseries

Mobile push-email provider emoze has revealed that Nokia Nseries handsets to be released in 2008 will be emoze ready, with emoze push-email software available to download from the Download! folder .
Emoze points out that its application is not limited to Nokia Nseries users. moze mobile email is available to tens of millions of mobile users with a compatible phone and a data package. The application can be downloaded from the emoze website.
emoze notes that all messages are stored behind the firewall in a home or corporate network, and are accessed only when they reach the right mobile device or PC. This not only saves the user connectivity-related costs but also delivers increased battery efficiency, memory use and CPU.
With the Nokia offering, emoze is upping its game, says emoze CEO, Eitan Linker. In 2008, anyone with a capable device and data package can capitalise on emoze, and extend their email experience from desktop to device. As ever, emoze will continue to offer the push-experience anytime, anywhere.