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Engagement with Location-Based Ads Skyrocketed in Q3, says Celtra

Alex Spencer

Engagement rates for location-based features in rich media mobile ads grew 185 per cent in Q3, 2012, according to Celtra's quarterly Mobile Rich Media Monitor Report. Engagement rates rose to 18.8 per cent, pushing location-based functionality past branding and presentation to take the top spot as the most engaging feature of rich media ads.

Engagement rates of rich media mobile ads as a whole continued to show steady quarter-over-quarter growth, rising to 13.7 per cent in Q3.

Expandable ads proved the most popular format for rich media ads, making up 49 of all campaigns. Interstitials made up 28 per cent, and banners the remaining 23 per cent.

Video was by far the most popular feature of rich media ads, appearing in 45 per cent of the campaigns analysed, and iOS is still the most popular platform for rich media ads.

"Rich media mobile advertising is maturing quickly, and its position within the marketing funnel is becoming clearer and more established, especially as engagement rates continue to grow," said Matevz Klanjsek, Celtra co-founder and chief product officer. "Mobile rich media advertising is emerging as a powerful and extremely effective asset in the mid-funnel, successfully driving purchase consideration and intent. Gaming, location-based and social media features in the mobile ads engage consumers in a meaningful way, providing an essential and often missing link between typically overcrowded upper and lower funnels."