WATCH: England Respect enlists Saka in new ‘It starts with You’ campaign

England Respect has launched a new campaign, “It Starts with You”, starring Arsenal player Bukayo Saka.

The content series, which showcases the role of coaches in a positive environment in which players can thrive, also features the likes of England players Ella Toone, Esme Morgan and Ollie Watkins.

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As a result, all players featured highlight how coaches had a positive effect on them.

Created by Matta, the series is part of a wider campaign entitled ‘Love Football. Protect the Game’, which aims to create a more positive atmosphere within football.

Speaking about England Youth Coach Greg Lincoln and his time at Arsenal, Saka said: “Football back then was really fun and he just let me enjoy it. It was not him putting pressure on me or shouting at me or anything, he just let me go and be free and enjoy it.”

“As a player, you just have a hundred per cent confidence that you can go and be free, express yourself knowing that the coach is behind you.”

Saka’s former coach Lincoln continued: “The first thing that strikes me when I remember I met Bukayo was his love of the game and I think that’s what really sets him apart.”

“He always had great emotional intelligence from a young age and he would act with that sort of humility, discipline and respect.”

The Football Association (FA) Head of Marketing, Freddie Sassoon, said: “Football is a sport for all and Saka’s story demonstrates the pivotal role coaches play to ensure young people enjoy a sport we all love.”

“This is the final video in our content series and I’m delighted that we can showcase positive stories from our England players and their coaches, which will hopefully inspire grassroots coaches to continue being positive in their approach.”