Ensighten Launches Platform for Unified Digital Marketing and Site Monitoring

ensightenEnterprise data and tag management company Ensighten has announced Ensighten Inform, a platform to deliver unified website testing, monitoring and tag deployment for marketing and IT teams.

Traditionally, web page testing, performance and tagging inspection have been accomplished using a variety of tools, usually deployed by IT departments. Ensighten Inform enables marketers to look at the impact their tag deployments by delivering daily confirmation of website performance and functionality. Tags can be used for analytics, retargeting and many other critical marketing initiatives, so giving marketing departments hands-on access to this information can give campaigns a crucial edge.

“Up to this point, testing and monitoring have required deep technical knowledge,” said Josh Manion, founder and CEO of Ensighten. “Even when marketers have deployed their own tags through a tag management system, they have needed to rely on IT for tag and site monitoring.

“Ensighten Inform changes the game by empowering marketers to test and monitor their website from a user-friendly workflow within Ensighten Manage. Marketers will be able to identify and address critical website issues, allowing them for the first time to truly own their customer experience.”