Ensighten Unveil No-SDK Tag Management for Agile Optimisation

ensightenEnterprise data and tag management provider Ensighten has launched a new version of its Ensighten Mobile system for tag management which does not rely on a software developer kit (SDK), meaning changes can be implemented in apps in minutes rather than weeks.

SDKs have grown popular due to their simplicity, but they require marketers to identify early on in development which metrics they wish to track within an app. Once it has been implemented, if marketers wish to collect new data or additional events, the developer needs to recompile the app, resubmit it to the appropriate app store and then wait until consumers have updated their apps to the latest version.

These steps can add weeks to the process in a marketplace that increasingly revolves around agile, real-time management of data. By sidestepping an SDK, Ensighten Mobile enablers marketers to apply subsequent changes to apps like tracking new events or implementing A/B testing within 15 minutes, without the need to recompile or resubmit anything.

“Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the go-to screen for consumers, and today mobile apps account for 86 per cent of total US consumer time spent with mobile,” said Josh Manion, Ensighten founder and CEO. “Not surprisingly, brands have invested heavily in their mobile apps and are looking to Ensighten to help them drive revenue. Our unique No-SDK mobile capabilities are part of Ensightens commitment to ensuring that digital marketers have the tools to collect, own and act on consumer data in real-time across all digital touchpoints.”