Enter the Bango Button

David Murphy

Bango has unveiled Bango Button which enables anyone publishing a social website, media sharing site, forum or blog to make their content available to mobile phone users worldwide at the push of a button. 
The Bango Button bridges the gap between the PC and mobile worlds by using the simplicity of the Internet, opening up the world of content to mobile users. Bango says that Bango Buttons are perfect for popular sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Blogger, Orkut and WordPress.
A Bango Button can link directly to photos stored on a PC website, automatically resizing them for different mobile phones and presenting the download page. This removes the need to make them mobile-ready or have them located on a mobile website. 
To create a Get On My Mobile Bango Button, go to, and insert the generated code into your site, next to the piece of content you want to share.  When users click on your button, they get a unique URL which they can enter into their phone browser to get the content on their mobile. Optionally, a charge can be assigned to a piece of content to create a revenue stream for the content creator.
Californian electro-pop band, Moonlife is using Bango Buttons on its website to make free and paid-for content available to fans on their mobiles. Band member Claudio Tinnirello says:
Bango Buttons on our site at make it easy for our fans to get wallpapers and ringtones on to their mobile. They'll even be able to get a map of where we'll be playing, making it easy to find the venue."
According to research firm Yankee Group, 33% of all Internet users regularly access social networking websites. An increasing number of consumers want anytime, anywhere access to their online communities and the content that lives there, says Jill Aldort, Yankee Group Senior Analyst. Unfortunately, sharing that content across platforms is far from seamless. The recent buzz around open platforms is just that - still buzz for now.
By overcoming the technical challenge of getting digital content into the hands of mobile phone users, Bango says it will enable many more people to publish content to mobiles. After a successful beta program involving thousands of users, the wider PC community now has a chance to test drive the Bango Button. 
I can link a Bango Button to a party photo on my Facebook site and let my friends easily get it on their mobile, says Bango CEO Ray Anderson. Its difficult for them to find the same photo on the Facebook mobile site because they have to go to the home page of the Facebook mobile site and navigate around to find the photo they want.
A Bango Button can also link directly to a mobile website or to mobile versions of popular PC sites such as YouTube or Flickr. Bango Buttons can also be embedded in emails and easily sent to friends.