Epay and Appflare Partner to Launch Beacon Network

epayPayment processing company Epay and beacon technology, security and deployment firm Appflare have announced a partnership which will bring promotional offers to consumers mobiles while in Epay retail outlets.

The beacon network will be installed in participating branches of Epays retail locations across the UK, and will facilitate new, innovative services in payments, mobile top-up, promotional offers and digital content.

The partnership between Epay and Appflare enables retailers and brands to take advantage of a closed-loop redemption proposition, where they can directly engage with consumers throughout the entire purchase cycle.

“As a leading global prepaid payments solutions provider we continue to grow our market position and lead the way in multi-channel retail innovation, which includes mobile loyalty offer redemption,” said Jason Thompson, regional managing director of Epay. “Through our close collaboration with Appflare, consumers shopping in a beacon-enabled Epay retail outlet can receive relevant and timely offers through their mobile phone which they can redeem at the point of sale. Its a clear benefit for everyone involved – the shopper, the retailer and indeed the brand.”

“Beacons enable retailers and brands to engage consumers through the full purchase cycle – and positively influence their decisions on the way,” said Owen Geddes, founder and CEO of Appflare. “Our partnership with Epay is one of the earliest for Beaconing and loyalty technology, allowing us to complete the loop from campaign creation through to redemption and purchase, which can be accurately measured with full knowledge of the consumers profile. In our trials, consumers have been incredibly receptive to beacon enabled campaigns with engagement levels increasing as much as fifteen fold.”