EQO All Over the World

EQO Communications has announced the worldwide launch of its free mobile messaging software worldwide. For the first time, EQO is offering free text and Instant Messaging (IM) services in every country in the world, including India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Russia.
EQO (pronounced echo) is a free application for mobile phones that lets users send free text messages to other EQO users, and chat for free on MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber. EQO users can quickly build a network of friends who also use EQO so that they can text more people for free. The application automatically populates their EQO phonebook with all of their contacts from their mobile phones address book. Users can then invite friends to get EQO with a single click.
EQO users can also send international text messages to people who do not use EQO, at savings of up to 70%. To celebrate the launch, all new users will receive 25 free text messages, to anyone, anywhere. Mobile IM on EQO is always free.
We developed EQO to make it easier and cheaper for people to chat using their mobile phone, says EQO CEO Bill Tam. Its easy to get, and accessible to everyone, so they can text and IM without having to worry about the costs.
EQO software is available by free download from www.eqo.com.