EQO Cuts Call Costs

David Murphy

Canadian company EQO Communications, which offers mobile Internet phone services, has announced the launch of EQO Mobile, which allows users to make international long distance calls and exchange Instant Messaging and text messages on their mobile phones at local calling and messaging rates. People using EQO Mobile, the company says, save up to 95% on all international calls and enjoy free calling and texting with other EQO users.
EQO Mobile is powered by a small software application that makes calling as easy as using as a standard phone address book. The application is free to download and installs itself automatically. The application allows people to use their existing contact lists to build a network of EQO contacts and to invite these contacts to also use EQO.
It has become much more common for consumers to use their mobile phones for talking, even when there is a landline alternative says Jill Aldort, Senior Analyst for Yankee Group. Unfortunately, mobile users who have friends and family spread out across the world have few choices from their wireless carriers for affordable international long distance calling. Mobile VoIP solutions such as EQO's offer international long distance calling for significant savings over the rates that wireless carriers offer. These services will appeal to those consumers who need to make frequent international long distance phone calls." 
According to Insight Research, the worldwide international calling market reached $300 billion (150 billion) in 2006, with International VoIP revenues forecast to reach $87 billion this year.
We developed EQO Mobile to satisfy a long-unfulfilled need for consumers and business professionals to make international mobile calling and messaging more affordable and convenient, says EQO CEO Bill Tam. Weve made it extremely easy for consumers to get EQO Mobile, create a calling and messaging network of friends, and make calls intuitively without having to worry about the costs. 
Currently EQO supports hundreds of mainstream mobile handsets, and will initially be available in the following 20 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. Consumers in these countries can download the software and create a network of EQO Contacts in any EQO-supported country, and call virtually anywhere else in the world at rates up to 95% less than traditional calling rates.
You can get more information and download EQO Mobile for free here.