EQO Survey Reveals Calling Habits

David Murphy

EQO Communications has released the results of a survey it commissioned, carried out by YouGov, which shows that 76% of UK adults wait until they get home to make international calls. Most people use their home landlines rather than their mobiles, which limits them to making calls during evening or weekend hours, the survey finds.
Making international landline calls can often be expensive and inconvenient. Despite this, calls from a landline continue to be the most popular method of connecting with friends and family abroad. 84% of UK adults aged 35-44, and 60% of those aged 16-24, avoid mobiles for international calling, choosing to use the home landline instead. In Scotland, 86% of respondents use their home landline for international calling, the highest of any region in the UK. However, London is not far behind with 77% of international callers using landlines.
EQO offers international callers the freedom to make calls from their mobile when and where they want, offering claimed savings of up to 95%. The company points out that EQO users can not only call, but can also text at a cheaper rate and send IMs for free.
With EQO theres no need to worry about getting home to make a phone call or being tied to off-peak calling schedules to save money on international calls, says EQO Europ MD, Simon Edelstyn. EQO offers consumers the flexibility and, more importantly, the affordability to use their mobiles to call abroad.
The EQO application works on over 300 mobile handsets. EQO users can call, text and instant message friends and family in 230 countries at low rates, and can take advantage of free calls and texts to other EQO users in 29 countries.