Ericsson Emodo acquires Axonix in a bid to improve mobile advertising

Gabby Fernie

Emodo, Ericsson's mobile advertising platform, has announced it's acquisition of Axonix, a mobile-first, programmatic advertising exchange. 

Though the terms of the deal have not been shared, the move fuels Emodo's considerable expansion - after a record 70 per cent revenue growth in 2020 - bringing verifiable accuracy to both buyers and sellers of programmatic advertising.

The company is on a mission to improve data quality and reduce fraud globally, while bringing verifiable accuracy to both the demand and supply sides of the programmatic ad ecosystem.

"Advertisers are increasingly looking for horizontal solutions that make it easier to deliver high-quality campaigns, and consumers deserve to receive relevant, positive brand experiences” explains Alistair Goodman, General Manager of Ericsson Emodo. “In combining forces with Axonix, we’re able to provide brands and publishers with a single-source, high quality solution that raises the bar for efficiency, quality and effectiveness of mobile advertising.”

Leveraging Axonix’ International footprint and expertise, the company will expand its global presence into the Asia Pacific (APAC) and Europe.

“We’ve been fortunate to work closely with the Emodo team for many years, and this next step allows us to come together to benefit the whole industry,” explained Simon Bailey, CEO of Axonix. “Our combined teams will extend the reach of this data-driven, integrated marketplace to support the programmatic ecosystem worldwide, in a way that is seamless for all clients, both existing and new.”