Ericsson links up with Digital Catapult to accelerate 5G adoption

Ericsson and Digital Catapult team up on 5G accelerator programme
Ericsson has teamed up with Digital Catapult, an advanced digital technology innovation centre, to launch a 5G accelerator programme to demonstrate the role that the mobile technology can have in industrial settings.

The Industrial 5G Accelerator will aim to make the case for rapid adoption of 5G by producing a series of ‘real-life’ test cases to prove the technology has a place at the heart of UK industries including manufacturing, logistics, and supply chains.

“Technologies like IoT, robotics and AI, are transforming UK businesses, but the lack of consistent, high-quality connectivity is preventing them from realising Industry 4.0’s full potential,” said Marielle Lindgren, CEO of Ericsson UK & Ireland. “With its super-fast data rates, ultra-low latency and vastly increased network capacity, 5G provides the solution to this challenge. Ericsson is a world leader in communications technology, and today in the UK, we are collaborating with mobile network operators, businesses and agencies such as Digital Catapult to ensure Industry 4.0 is capable of delivering on its promise.”

Ericsson and Digital Catapult will look to address ‘perceived barriers’, such as cost, interoperability with existing networks, and security considerations, with their demonstrations – providing an incentive for early adoption. The pair will also aim to show how 5G can help UK supply chains deliver new services for customers such as improved health and safety applications, predictive maintenance and remote asset monitoring.

The accelerator programme is currently seeking companies which provide industrial equipment for manufacturing, logistics, heavy industry, and the ‘relevant’ supply chains as well as large industrial players to take part.

“The potential for 5G to boost UK productivity and increase efficiency is hugely exciting. 5G is a significant investment for any company so to be able to showcase its value in a real-life environment, through tangible and relevant examples, is absolutely vital to developing a concrete business case,” said Jeremy Silver, Digital Catapult CEO. “Were excited to work with Ericsson, pairing our deep technical knowledge and agile approach to innovation with their world renowned technical and business excellence, helping to provide the ammunition business leaders need to accelerate adoption of 5G across the country.”