Ericsson Joins Pathfinder Programme

The GSM Association (GSMA) has announced that Ericsson, which specialises in next-generation IP communications infrastructure, has achieved certification for its wireless and fixed carrier solutions as part of the GSMAs PathFinder Service initiative. PathFinder, operated by NeuStar, is a managed service providing an interoperable, industry-wide solution that enables the routing of global IP service interconnect traffic. Ericsson joins the GSMA PathFinder Industry Partner Programme, which is cultivating a rapidly growing number of certified equipment vendors including Acme Packet, GENBAND, NetNumber, NeuStar, NGM, Sonus Networks and Telarix, and will be at the forefront of the drive to accelerate the adoption of current and future IP services.
We are delighted that Ericsson has joined the GSMA PathFinder Service initiative and has achieved certification, said Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer at the GSMA. By demonstrating interoperability with PathFinder, Ericsson will be able to provide future-proofed and extensible products, enabling its customers to seamlessly exchange traffic using the next generation in global routing technology, which will allow them to offer richer and richer communications products.
The GSMA PathFinder Service is based on the GSMAs Carrier ENUM technology and acts as a central directory where operators can share mobile and fixed line addresses to allow the swift and cost-effective routing of packet voice, Instant Messaging, multimedia services, email and video. PathFinder streamlines and simplifies the delivery of IP-based services by identifying the IP address that maps to the phone number for individual mobile devices, fixed-line phones and IP devices.
The GSMA PathFinder Service initiative completed its pilot testing with several wireless operators in October 2008. The service is available to mobile and fixed network operators, carriers, SMS/MMS aggregators and related service providers. Several operators and carriers have signed up for the commercial service, which was launched in November 2008. The PathFinder Industry Partner Programme is designed to ensure next generation infrastructure vendors around the globe have an industry vehicle to verify interoperability with ENUM-based routing, lowering the barrier to entry for service providers as they deploy current and future IP services.