eServGlobal Adds Spinvox to Mailis

eServGlobal, which provides end-to-end payment and communication solutions for network service providers, has announced a partnership with voice-to-content company SpinVox, which will enable subscribers to eServGlobals Mailis Unified Communications Suite to read their voice messages on their handset as a text message.
Under the partnership agreement, SpinVox will be available to service providers installing eServGlobals Mailis Suite, who can then offer this value-added service to their clients. SpinVox will enable  that subscribers to retrieve and listen to their messages and respond by text, email or voice, with a single click.   
eServGlobals Mailis Suite is an enhanced Unified Communications suite offering solutions such as SMS Call Notify, Voice SMS, Push Voicemail, voice & video mail, unified mail, and video blogging. Deployable in all types of network, According to eServGlobal, Mailis Suite improves the end-user experience and unleashes the potential of rich content creation in messaging, enabling new revenue generation from advertising and content resale.
“Offering SpinVox alongside the Mailis Suite solution will get SpinVox into the hands of even more Enterprise clients, who will soon see the benefits of getting all their voice messages as text on the one device that they carry with them at all times their mobile phone, says SpinVox Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel Doulton.