Estée Lauder launches Liv, a WhatsApp chatbot offering skincare advice during lockdown

David Murphy

Estée Lauder has launched a chatbot called Liv on WhatsApp, in partnership with Rehab. Liv helps users build and stick to a personalised skincare regime with the aim of educating and supporting consumers while over-the-counter skincare advice is no longer possible.

With a potential audience of over 1.5bn people, Estée Lauder said the experience would allow it to create a 1:1 relationship with its consumers through direct conversations.

Early testing of the experience by Rehab confirmed consumer research that users welcome speaking to brands via Whatsapp, as long as the brand is providing a helpful, meaningful and valuable conversation.

Rehab's research found that users enjoyed speaking to Liv in a natural place where they were already having conversations with friends and family. They also liked the fact that they did not have to download another piece of software to engage with the brand. They felt educated on how to specifically use Estée Lauder’s products, and while users felt Estée Lauder had a high price point, after learning about the products, they had a better understanding of the benefits. And all showed purchase intent.

“The forward-thinking nature of this digital experience goes beyond traditional communication to provide personalised 1:2:1 beauty advice in a natural, conversational way,” said Emmanuelle Noyer, vice president & general manager, Estée Lauder UK & Ireland. “This innovative approach will allow the Estée Lauder brand to instantly connect with consumers with value and meaning while staying true to the brands high touch identity.”