WATCH: Etsy addresses anxiety over AI in new ad

Etsy has launched a new brand campaign celebrating human connection and creativity.

According to the online marketplace, its “Brand Mission Campaign” coincides with critical changes it is making to its onsite experience to more “clearly communicate” how and why items belong on the platform.

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As a result, the campaign brings its sellers names front and centre to shine a spotlight on the passion, creativity and love Etsy sellers bring to every piece they make.

As a result, Etsy is also showcasing its sellers on billboards across NYC and London, emphasising the unique craftsmanship behind their items.

These out-of-home ads are designed to feel intimate and accessible, using street-level wild postings, the company stated.

Meanwhile, alongside the OOH ads, Etsy is also featuring larger-than-life placements that elevate its sellers to an iconic status, typically reserved for celebrity endorsements.

The campaign is accompanied by a new home page experience that curates the best of Etsy and features the shops of sellers from the campaign, which features a soundtrack also made by Etsy sellers JieunWyethKwadwoGabriel and Jesus.

Etsy Chief Brand Officer, Brad Minor, said: “Our sellers are the heart of our marketplace, and their unique human touch is what makes Etsy, Etsy.

“We encourage you to explore their stories and join us as we celebrate the individuality, creativity, and the meaningful connections that make every purchase on Etsy special.”