Etsy Brings Local Shopping Platform to Mobile

Etsy-Local_BlogOnline crafts marketplace Etsy has brought its Etsy Local service to its Android and iOS apps, enabling users to find local sellers at nearby shops or events such as craft fairs, flea markets or pop-up stalls.

The solution also enables sellers on the popular marketplace to add events like fairs and markets to their profile, alerting potential customers to their existence, and select retailers that are part of Etsy Wholesale can even have their brick-and-mortar stores listed.

When users open the Local tab within the Etsy app, recommended nearby retailers and events tailored to their taste are presented, based on their browsing and purchasing history, as well as listings for local boutiques that carry Etsy merchandise.

“Etsy Local is another way were helping shoppers find and support creative entrepreneurs in their local communities,” said Johanna Beyenbach, mobile product manager at Etsy. “Etsy is an online platform, but it is also a network of offline communities around the world, from Etsy Teams, to craft fairs, to wholesale retailers.

“Real-world connections between shoppers and creative entrepreneurs form the magic at the heart of the Etsy experience.”