EU Must Keep Promise on Roaming Charges, Says EU Digital Chief

eu flagThe European Commission’s vice president and commissioner of the digital single market has said that any failure to abolish roaming charges in June would bring into question its credibility.

EU member states and lawmakers are today (31 January) holding the final round of talks to set caps on roaming charges across the bloc.

The Union’s dedication to removing roaming charges comes with added significance following the UK’s decision to leave the bloc last year. Many voters believed the EU does not cater to the needs of ordinary people.

In an open letter, seemingly taking shots at the UK, commissioner Andrus Ansip wrote: “Our common effort to decrease and finally eliminate roaming charges has been one of the European Union’s most visible and tangible benefits for Europeans. Our work on roaming is also highly symbolic of how the European Union can underpin rights that bring these benefits.”

Despite the effort shown by the EU to remove roaming charges, there is still yet to be an agreement between itself and its member states as to where an initial cap should be set. As a result, Ansip urged for ‘significant flexibility’ from both parties in order to reach an agreement.

He wrote: “If no political compromise can be achieved next Tuesday [31 January], people will rightly question our common will and ability to deliver on our promise to them. That is a risk we should not run.

“Time is running out. We have to keep our promise.”