Ranked: Top 6 2024 Euro ads

Advertising company, System1 has unveiled the performance of Euro 2024 adverts across TV, digital, and online video.

Using the company’s Test Your Ad platform, consumers’ emotional responses have been tracked throughout an ad, with a score ranging from 1.0 to 5.9 stars.

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Meanwhile, the number of brands advertising during the Euros has doubled since 2021, with two ads reaching a 5-Star rating and another two achieving 4-Star performances amongst a UK nationally representative audience.

The rankings are as follows:

Paddy Power – “Europe’s Favourite” – 5.9 Star-Rating

Paddy Power ranked the highest with the ad examining England’s relationship with the Euros, achieving a 5.9-star rating from sports betting enthusiasts.

Irn Bru – “Optimism is Back in Scotland” – 5.0 Star-Rating

With Scotland’s qualification for the European Championships, Irn-Bru’s latest ad brings a wave of optimism. Blending humour with national pride and cultural insight.

Adidas – “Hey Jude, You Got This” – 4.5 Star-Rating

Adidas effectively captures initial uncertainty, transitioning to joy and camaraderie through The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.” The spot reflects on past challenges to highlight fans’ resilience, rallying support for England’s Jude Bellingham.

Lidl – “We’re on Your Team” – 4.4 Star Rating

Lidl’s campaign humorously addresses the everyday struggles of parents with football-obsessed children, highlighting football’s broader impact on communities.

BBC Sport – “More Twists, More Turns” – 4.1 Star-Rating

BBC Sport’s Euro 2024 ad features exaggerated caricatures of players in a gamified environment. By engaging viewers with a unique twist, the ad immerses them in the excitement, humorously giving fans control over the game.

Budweiser – “Official Beer of England” – 4.0 Star-Rating

Budweiser’s spot invokes nostalgia with a nod to England’s 1966 World Cup victory, featuring Geoff Hurst.

System1 Chief Customer Officer, Jon Evans, said: “England’s performances on the field may not be a laughing matter, though plenty of tongue-in-cheek wit in ads is helping to boost the scores this year.

“We’ve seen humour make a come back at the Cannes Lions, driving a positive shift in ad effectiveness. This trend continuing into the Euros, raises the question – is humour here to stay?.”