Europa Launches Roaming Mapping Services

Telecoms services company Europa Technologies has launched two services for the mobile telecom industry that provide up-to-date roaming coverage map information. 

The Network Insight Pro and Global Coverage Analyzer services are the result of a partnership with American Roamer, the owner of the worlds largest wireless coverage database. 

Network Insight Pro offers interactive coverage maps of the world for seamless display on a mobile operators web site. It is designed for MNOs, MVNOs, roaming hubs, SIM roaming providers and phone rental companies. It is an update to Europas existing Network Insight product. 

The service supports both domestic and international coverage, and is fully interactive and searchable, says the company. 

As part of the partnership, Europa Technologies has access to American Roamers catalogue of over 1,200 coverage patterns for 2G, 3G and 4G networks worldwide.

American Roamers Global Coverage Analyzer (GCA) service is a web-based mapping application for the viewing and comparing of mobile network coverage in over 200 countries worldwide. It has been designed to help operational and strategic professionals improve their mobile industry research on mobile coverage.

“We are thrilled to have formed this partnership with American Roamer. It brings together two of the most experienced companies in coverage mapping,” says Warren Vick, director and founder of Europa Technologies. “We are delighted to integrate American Roamers extensive coverage catalogue into our Network Insight Pro service. We are also honoured to be the very first authorised reseller of Global Coverage Analyzer and believe this service will be an essential research tool for our clients.”

“Together with Europa Technologies, American Roamer continues to improve its position in the global marketplace to deliver the network intelligence operators need to make better strategic and tactical business decisions,” says Bryan Darr, president and CEO of American Roamer.