European juice brand rolls out winter-themed connected packaging experience

Food processing and packaging company, Tetra Pak, in partnership with creative technology studio, Appetite Creative, has refreshed its interactive smart packaging experience for a leading European fruit juice producer with a brand new winter drinks theme to inspire its customers.

The smart packaging focuses on orange, pineapple and apple flavours in the one litre range. It uses a web-app based connected experience accessed via QR codes to give customers access to an interactive personality test. This reveals the best winter-themed juice drink to fit any given personality type and inspire users to mix juices to create new and bespoke beverages or festive cocktails. The connected experience generates alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes, tailored to the results of the personality quiz, including product preferences, and the time of day a customer usually consumes the drink.

To perfect their new drink sensation, users can enter a raffle to win one of 10 NutriBullet blenders by completing the in-built quiz or sharing content on social media. Appetite Creative designed both the previous summer and new winter version of the connected experience, with seasonal specific content that can be swapped out in real-time.

“We’re pleased with the results of the summer drinks campaign,” said Farahnaz Mohsenin, Regional Marketing Manager at Tetra Pak. “It was a popular revisited connected experience which enhanced the consumer experience and helped build brand loyalty. Adapting the existing experience and updating it with winter drink inspiration demonstrates the versatility of connected packaging. It’s great to see our packaging partners embrace this fantastic technology and reap its many benefits.”

The web app tracks real-time interaction, such as buying habits, product preferences, average engagement time, age, location, scan rate, number of visitors, return visitors and social media shares, including GDPR-compliant personal data to enable the brand to optimise its marketing and better understand consumers.

The connected packaging campaign will be supported by in-store shelf wobblers and other point of sale (POS) materials to communicate product information to consumers at the point of sale. Digital and social media will also be used as part of the campaign to reach more customers and increase awareness about the brand.

The refreshed smart packaging connected experience and personality quiz will be available in Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Slovakia, in the relevant local market languages.