European Launch for Medio Ad Network

David Murphy

Mobile search and advertising solutions provider Medio Systems has announced the availability of its performance-based Medio MobileNow Ad Network to advertisers and mobile publishers in the UK and beyond.
A component of Medio's complete mobile search ecosystem, the ad network maximises the latent potential of the mobile phone by targeting mobile consumers with relevant, pay-per-click ads. With the incorporation of search-based advertising in 2008, the company says, Medio MobileNow will create additional revenue streams for mobile operators, publishers and other off-deck mobile properties, while offering advertisers even more targeting precision through highly relevant ad messages based on consumers' search queries.
The Medio MobileNow Ad network has been live in the US since March this year. The expanded network has already begun to serve ads for advertisers in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia and South Africa, achieving conversion rates of up to 15% with access to over 100 million page impressions per month across an international network of publishers.
The Medio MobileNow Ad Network offers us the scope for growth that we have been looking for in a mobile advertising solution, says Nicolas Bigaignon, Marketing Manager at Reporo, a mobile applications company using Medio MobileNow to drive traffic to its mobile social portal. The more relevant the advertising, the more likely it is to be seen by the user as content. Medio's deep understanding of this, and its ability to place ads appropriately, has already resulted in some very positive campaign results for us in the UK, helping us drive user acquisition and traffic for our mobile portal. As mobile search advertising becomes a reality, we expect our visibility with our target audience to increase further.
The MobileNow Ad Network currently offers international text and banner ad placement throughout Medio's off-deck network of mobile properties, where advertisers only pay when their ads are clicked. By adding MobileNow's simple ad-placement code to their sites, publishers can build click-based advertising into their existing mobile properties as a way to generate revenue. Additionally, publishers can enable content discoverability through Medio Search, a search box that connects visitors with content they're looking for, while further monetizing traffic with targeted search advertising.
The launch of our MobileNow Ad network in the UK is the first step towards an ad delivery mechanism that hinges on mobile search to provide far greater returns," says Ben Tatton-Brown, Medio Head of Advertising Sales for EMEA. The real potential of mobile site owners and advertisers comes from their ability to reach individuals with information that is of high relevance and importance to them at the moment they require it. By offering a simple, made-for-mobile programme, Medio helps drive conversion rates by returning ad messages as part of a set of actionable answers that give the user exactly what he or she wants."
Advertisers can start a campaign and publishers can learn more about advertising opportunities by contacting Medio Sales at