Everbadge Launches Android SDK

Mobile social network, Everbadge, has released its latest SDK (Software Development Kit), giving developers the ability to easily add badges to their Android apps, and to take part in cross-promotion advertising to earn additional revenue from their apps.

Everbadge’s system offers developers a way to increase user engagement and loyalty by rewarding app users with badge rewards for targeted behaviours. It also exposes the app to the fast-growing Everbadge community. Everbadge concedes that the idea itself is not new, following a similar “gamification” model to that of Badgeville and BigDoor Media; its USP is a complete focus on mobile, specifically, for the moment, the Android platform.

Everbadge can be used with all genres of apps, not just games. Developers can select from an ever-growing library of pre-made badges. The code for the app integration is generated on the spot, and then it’s a matter of copying, pasting and aligning with the app’s own internal logic.

Everbadge is now also offering cross-promotion advertising, enabling developers to cross-promote their apps for free, and earn money by doing so. Developers can add a ‘More Apps’ or ‘More Games’ button to their app. When tapped by the user, this will display a list of other apps available to install directly from Android market. If an incentivized, promoted app is successfully referred by that developer’s app, the developer earns a 50 per cent commission on that install.

There’s more information about Everbadge here.