Evergreen Club launches social network for the elderly

David Murphy

Evergreen Club, India's largest online community for adults over 50 has rolled out a social network exclusively for the elderly on its app. It said the idea behind the platform is to accentuate community bonding and help the elderly network, learn and share their creations with likeminded people especially the ones they meet during the Evergreen Club sessions. Users can share pictures, videos, create polls and interact with other posts and fellow members.

According to a recent report from Digiqom, more than 90 per cent of elderly internet users use social media platforms primarily to connect with family and friends. The ‘Club’ feature has been designed specifically to create a safe space for the elderly. It is a space for peer learning, exchange of ideas and sharing moments of joy. It aims to create a niche community where people will be able to share their learnings and motivate others to practice them. The platform will also keep a close check on negative noise through automated moderation.

“A lot of our members felt a need to share their creations and learnings with our larger community and they all have communicated this desire through both implicit and explicit signals,” said Evergreen Club Founder, Tapan Mishra. “This led us to create this space and platform. Further, during our research, we found that even though there are numerous social media platforms out there, none of them provided a safe space for the elderly or catered exclusively to the needs of our community members. With ‘Club’, we aim to provide a wholesome experience to our Evergreeners –  a space where they feel belonged and heard by fellow members.