Evian's 'Live Young' Snapchat lens puts your face on a dancing baby

Tyrone Stewart

Evian dancing baby Snapchat lensDanone-owned mineral water brand Evian is set to launch the first ‘face in video’ Snapchat lens across Europe and the US as part of its global ‘Live young’ campaign.

‘Face in video’ technology enables Snapchatters to place their face on an animation that dances around. In this case, users place their faces on the animation of one of Evian’s famous dancing babies.

 “This year, we’ve chosen to specifically adapt to our consumers’ lifestyle habits with a clear focus on digital,” said Patricia Oliva, global marketing director at Evian. “The Snapchat lens was the perfect way for people to immerse themselves in our ‘Oversize’ campaign and experience the world through the eyes of a baby in an engaging and innovative way.”

The lens will be available in France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US for 24 hours tomorrow (10 June). It will then be unlockable for 90 days after this date via Snapcodes found on Evian bottles across Europe and the US.

The partnership between Evian and Snapchat began back in April when the Snapcodes were printed on over 300m Evian bottles. These Snapcodes unlocked a specially designed geofilter prior to 10 June and will continue to offer more exclusive content once the 90 day period is up.