Evolved Intelligence Connects App Developers With Users

Andy Penfold

Intelligent Network (IN) services company Evolved Intelligence has launched a new gateway that allows app developers to locate mobile phone users wherever they are in the world and to communicate with them from inside their apps. Dubbed the Nexus gateway, it allows app developers with no telecoms experience to locate mobile phone users anywhere in the world and open up SMS or USSD conversations.

"The Nexus gateway bridges the gap between web services developers and the telecom world," says Robin Burton, Evolved Intelligence's head of marketing. "It gives developers the advantage of many years of experience in telecom application development and deployment. In addition, Evolved Intelligence offers consultancy to developers."

Nexus uses a sponsoring operator network to provide the service, and Evolved Intelligence says it can help app developers link up with a suitable operator. Nexus works in conjunction with Evolved Intelligence's standard 'ENGINE' platform. This can be implemented in the co-operating operator's network. Alternatively, an operator can connect to an ENGINE server remotely via IP, by fitting a network interface function (NIF). This allows the application to be run as a managed service.

"With this service, we are helping operators to unlock additional value from their network," says Evolved Intelligence CTO Nick Jones. "We are also helping application developers to add unique features to their applications. These have already been used in financial and marketing applications."