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Evolved Intelligence Introduces Temporary Roaming Numbers

Alex Spencer

Network VAS company Evolved Intelligence has launched a local routing service for roaming mobile users, which enables them to acquire a temporary local number for the area they are visiting, which is routed to their handset.

This means that calls to other people within the country will be treated as a local calls, while their regular number can also be left fully functional to receive calls as normal from outside of the country.

“The net effect is that visiting roamers are no longer tempted either to buy local SIM cards,” said Evolved head of marketing Robin Burton. “They are also encouraged to call other members of the group frequently. This has great benefits. Families can keep in contact with their children, ensuring that everyone has a more relaxed and enjoyable holiday, and conference delegates can use their phone to manage meetings without fearing the size of their phone bill.”

The service is available to operators either as a fully managed remote service or as a turnkey system.