Evolved Launches Roaming Data Quality Survey

Evolved Intelligence has launched a Roamer Data Quality Survey solution. The move has been prompted due to an increase in the number of networks suffering data congestion because of the increased use of smartphones, especially the iPhone. Operators normally find it very difficult to check on the data quality delivered by their roaming partners, but that does not stop roamers from blaming their provider if they have a problem.

The Roamer Data Quality Survey asks returning roamers about their experience, via a simple text message that is sent to them on their return home when their experience is fresh. For long-stay roamers, the message can be sent a certain number of days after they registered on a foreign network. 

The system can be set to send messages to specific groups of people. It can also be set to avoid bombarding frequent travellers with messages every time they return home from a trip.

“The system provides a double function,” explains Robin Burton, head of marketing at Evolved Intelligence. “It helps the operator to look out for problems that they might otherwise not hear about until too late. It also reassures the users that the operator cares about their experience and values their business. This is particularly valuable for looking after high-value corporate accounts. It means that you can deal with any issues before they threaten your long-term relationship with the client. If a problem is seen on one network, the operator can use its dynamic steering system to select another network with better quality. Of course, they can differentially switch high data users, whilst leaving low-value or voice-only customers on the existing network to take advantage of lower tariffs.”

The Roamer Data Quality Survey is one of a range of roaming tools that are available from Evolved Intelligence as remotely hosted and managed services.