ex-Google directors 1plusX introduces keyword targeting for advertisers

1plusX keyword targetingPredictive data management platform 1plusX – founded by ex-Google directors Thomas Hofman and Jurgen Galler – has introduced an AI-powered keyword targeting functionality enabling advertisers and publishers to target more relevant consumers rather than pre-segmented audiences.

The feature is aimed at giving advertisers and publishers more control over relevance and reach of their campaigns. They can target people based on a specific keyword or phrase of their choice – opting to search within a timeframe of their choice – and this is updated daily.

“1plusX’s artificial intelligence analyses digital content and then indexes it by topic, semantic keyword and context,” said Fiona Salmon, UK managing director at 1plusX. “It also builds anonymous user profiles by analysing users’ cookies, frequency of interactions with particular content and other data consumers have chosen to give to publishers and advertisers. Campaign managers can then define and build their own audience segments of users to be matched with content. These segments are updated frequently and automatically to include consumers with new relevant characteristics and exclude consumers whose interests have changed.

To achieve the optimum balance of reach and relevance for each campaign, 1plusX gives campaign managers additional controls. They can qualify users based on the frequency of their interactions with relevant content. They can target users based on certain characteristics, such as their gender or age.”

European ad network Goldbach is the first to use the keyword targeting tool to build audiences for brands and publications.

“Goldbach has been working closely with 1plusX through the development stage of its keyword targeting functionality. We’re already targeting campaigns at audience segments we have defined using keywords, for example our “Singletons” segment. Our keyword targeting campaigns are based on a very high-reach seed data pool of over 15m profiles within the Goldbach Display and Video Network,” said Annette Dielmann, CPO of the Goldbach Group. “1plusX’s keyword targeting capabilities are helping us to define highly flexible, meaningful, real-time audiences of relevance to any campaign.”